Whale Watching San Diego

Every year 15,000 Grey Whales migrate from the cold water of the Arctic Sea near Alaska down to the warmer waters of Mexico to bear their calves.  La Jolla in particular is perfect for whale watching because of the deep water canyons found just off the shoreline that put you right in the migration route.   Grey Whales can reach a length of 52 ft and weigh up to 36 tons!  To put things into perspective, that’s a moving breathing school bus swimming by.   Not much can compare to sitting on the ocean and having a 50 ft whale breach a few yards from your kayak.  So far this season I have seen hundreds pass just outside of the La Jolla Ecological reserve.

While it is not always a guarantee that one will catch sight of a whale breaching or fluking right in front of the kayak, we can however, guarantee an awesome experience that’s worth bragging to your friends about.

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