Diving La Jolla

La Jolla’s Ecological Reserve is the premier dive location in Southern California.  A unique quality of La Jolla is the diverse underwater topography that covers such a small space.  In an area which only stretches for about 6000 acres of water and tide lands, one can dive over four totally different underwater landscapes.  There are the smooth sandy flats, the scattered rocky reef, the famous Giant Kelp Forest, and finally the Submarine Canyon.  With all these features in a small area, it is no surprise that La Jolla can be called home to year round residents like California Sea lions, Harbor Seals, Garibaldis, Common Dolphins, and Giant Black Sea Bass.  Some highly notable seasonal visitors are the Leopard Sharks, Grey Whales, and the East Pacific Green Sea Turtle.  With all the possible discoveries La Jolla has to offer, Scuba diving in the La Jolla Reserve will be an unforgettable experience.

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